We know that many of our members like to keep things the same with the products they know and love, but many might want something just a little bit different in the next box as well! So, we’re pretty flexible and are always happy to help customize a box for those looking to change things up.

As the saying goes, Variety is the spice of life! ✨

At the moment, this functionality is not available through your account page. We carefully curate our box plans to continue our commitment of providing you with high-quality, sustainable seafood from Alaska. By opting out of these base boxes, your custom order is subject to pricing that will be impacted by the market value of different species. Our operations – from sourcing to assembling the box – are designed around those curated plans, which is why we’re able to maintain that price consistency month-to-month. Think of this as going to a restaurant and ordering “the soup of the day”, which has a fixed price every single day.

When you customize a box, the curation goes out the window, which means we can’t keep that price. While all the species we offer are sustainable, as mandated by Alaska’s sustained yield principle, some are more abundant than others. And how abundant a specific species is from harvest-to-harvest largely determines how much it costs. If you would like to customize your next box, just let us know what that perfect order looks like by contacting our MX Team and we will send you some great options to help put something special together for you - we would really love to help!

Also, don’t forget to check out this article to see how to add any of the current Add-ons and Member Specials we have available! We're always on the hunt for more options and species to add to our growing collection of offerings.

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