Can I customize my box?

Personalize your box -- substitute or swap kinds of fish -- custom options

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As the saying goes: “Variety is the spice of life!” ✨That is why we introduced full customization right from your Wild Alaskan account! 🎉

  1. Head to your My Box page:

2. Edit your Box Type:

3. Click the “Customize Your Box” option and scroll down to see all your species options.

4. Use the - and + symbols to add 2 portions of your chosen species. Note that all our offerings come in pairs. Selecting 1 means you’re going to receive one 2-pack. Selecting 2 means you’re getting two 2-packs (4 portions total).

5. See your subtotal items below. This is the total number of portions you’re going to receive. There is a 12-portion minimum. Enjoy bulk discounts when you reach 18 portions, and another discount when you reach 36 portions.

Also, don’t forget to check out this article to see how to add any Member Specials we have available. 🦀

Not a member yet? No worries, if reading this has changed your life and you want to sign up, visit our site to order now. 🙌 🐟

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