We can be very flexible when it comes to scheduling a shipment! Depending on the day the day your order was placed, your shipment will typically be shipped out on the upcoming Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

We’ll send you an email after placing your first order that will let you know when to expect your box. With every order, we also send an email with a link to the tracking information so you can follow along with your box’s journey. Make sure to save this very important email address to your email contact or "Safe Senders" list: [email protected]. All of our most important messages regarding your member plan, orders, and deliveries are sent through this address. Seafood for thought! 🐟 🧠

Once your tracking information has been made available, it will appear on your home page, too!

Depending on the ship zone or region you live in, you can expect to receive your box within 1 to 3 days after it has shipped. We avoid shipping over the weekends, so Friday is typically the last day of the week that an order can be delivered.

We may offer new carriers in order to give our members more flexibility when receiving a new box. At the moment, we are partnering with the following carrier providers:

Nationwide - FedEx & UPS.

Regional - Ontrac & LSO/Lonestar

Your carrier may default to a regional provider if you live in their coverage zone. We offer these carriers in order to expand our service and reduce travel time across the country. You can always request a nationwide carrier with one of our friendly member experience specialists. They are always happy to help out! 🙂

In case you are not ready for a new box, you can always skip your monthly order or edit your ship week directly from your home page. In fact, we wrote a super helpful article about this very feature!

Right now, our ability to accommodate specific delivery day and time requests is limited and difficult to guarantee. We do send our members a 2-3 day subscription reminder before their next order is scheduled to ship. This would allow you to make any adjustments to your schedule in case you are not ready to receive a new order.

If you would like to change up your schedule or postpone an order, please let us know by writing to [email protected] or clicking on that orange chat bubble in the corner of your screen 💬.

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