When it comes to delivering frozen fish to doorsteps across the United States, planning for the worst comes with the territory. From packaging failure to human error, we plan for it all. If you find yourself with an order that is currently experiencing a delay with our carrier partners, please read on for some important information and know that we're here for you every step of the way.

Why is your order delayed?

We may not know the exact cause right away because we rely on our carrier partners to provide tracking information to the best of their abilities. Sometimes tracking events may be confusing, and sometimes drivers may make mistakes on their route. What's important is that our insulated packaging and calculated dry ice amounts have been thoroughly tested to keep your fish frozen, even in the summer and even in the event of an unfortunate delay.

And if this is your first box, or if you recently updated your information on our website, please take a moment to double check the address under the Order Details on your home page. If you notice anything incorrect, please contact us right away.

When your box arrives 📦

Please be sure to accept the shipment. There is a good chance your fish is in good condition, and rejecting the package means it could go to waste. Open your box and check the condition of your fish.

Check the temperature of your fish 🌡️

  • If your fish is partially frozen and below 38 °F* it is safe to put away in your freezer and use just like normal.

  • If your fish is completely or partially thawed and arrives above 38 °F, then you should discard it and promptly contact us.

If you are not sure about the temperature, you can measure by sandwiching a probe style thermometer between 2 portions of partially thawed fish without having to remove the packaging or puncture it. If you notice temperatures above 38 °F on any part of the portion then it is no longer in the safe zone.

No dry ice? No problem ❄️ — it is normal for all of the dry ice to have sublimated (disappeared) in transit, as long as your fish is frozen this means it has done its job.

How to get in touch 💬

Please keep our team updated on the condition of your fish as soon as it arrives. Our insulated packaging and dry ice are designed to last for several days.

  • Once we’ve notified you about a delayed order, we’d expect for your box to arrive within a day or two. If you haven’t received it yet or if there are any concerns please get in touch with us right away!

Our dedicated team of Member Experience Specialists will work on scheduling a replacement order at our earliest available shipping date. If your fish is ever in less than ideal condition we are here for you with our 100% guarantee and we look forward to showing you a great experience with our wild-caught seafood.


*For reference, we recommend an internal temperature of 38°F, which is based on the USDA's recommendation of 40°F or below — you can view a food safety chart based on their guidelines via this link.

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