Your seafood should arrive frozen and frosty just like the snow capped landscape of Alaska! πŸ—»

Every wild box is packed with a carefully measured amount of dry ice. Our fulfillment team takes into consideration your region, climate, weight of your seafood, and the number of days it will be in transit before packing your box with the right amount of dry ice. ❄️❄️❄️

It is not uncommon for the dry ice to sublimate or evaporate in transit.* This is actually by design and makes for convenient disposal once you begin unpacking your box. Our insulated packaging also helps keep the cold air in after the dry ice has done it’s part, ensuring that your fish remains frozen throughout its journey.

We recommend that our members use protective gloves or a folded towel when handling dry ice, to prevent any burns.* If you want to have some fun, you can remove the dry ice and place it in a metal bowl or a pot with water. Then you can leave it until it totally dissipates! Not only will it speed along the sublimation, you'll also get a fun smokey effect in your kitchen πŸ™‚. Otherwise, it is also safe to simply leave it inside your empty Wild Alaskan box until it is gone.

*A few extra words of caution:

  • If your dry ice comes in a plastic bag, please note the bag will not be fully sealed, or may have holes in it. This is intentional, in order to allow the gas to escape - otherwise, the bag (and potentially the box as well) would explode!

  • Do not ever put dry ice in your freezer, as it will likely result in damage.

  • Different sink materials (i.e. porcelain) might react differently to the extreme cold from dry ice, so we always recommend using a metal vessel as a buffer if leaving it in the sink to finish sublimating.

For more tips on our dry ice handling guidelines, or if for some reason your fish did not arrive properly frozen, please reach out to our friendly member experience team and we would love to help! 😊

If you are curious about how our shipping process works, head over to this article here to learn more. 🧠

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