You're ready to live wild and join Wild Alaskan. You know what you love, what you like and what you can live without, or maybe you're here to try new seafood and you'd like to explore!

So, which box should you start with? 🤔💭🐟

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Our Plans:

We currently offer a 12 Pack Plan and a 24 Pack Plan. You can get your box shipped every month, every 1.5 months, or every 2 months. All of our fish is flash frozen and shipped with dry ice, so it will arrive nice and frozen to your doorstep.

Below is a breakdown of our plans and pricing:

12-Pack, featuring:

  • 12 - 6 ounce packs of individually sealed wild-caught seafood

  • $121.93 + $9.95 flat rate shipping = $131.88 total

24 Pack, featuring:

  • 24 - 6 ounce packs of individually sealed wild-caught seafood

  • $239.76 + FREE shipping = $239.76 total

(*FYI - you can change your box type at any time before your next renewal.)

1. Wild Salmon Box, featuring:

2. Wild Combo Box, featuring:

3. Wild White Fish Box, featuring:

Looking for a specific customization? We'd love to help send you the fish you crave!

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