We’re happy to help you reset your password - just follow the instructions and you’ll be in your account in no time!

NOT A MEMBER YET? - If you've begun the checkout process in the past but never finished, you should be able to enter that same email address used before and complete your checkout from where you last left off. Once your first order has been placed and you've become a member, you will need to create a password. 🔏

ACTIVE MEMBERS - To register a new password and access all of your account tools, simply click the button below to reset your account password:

In some cases, your web browser may be inhibiting account access. To clear your browser of what are called “cookies”, try troubleshooting with the help of one of the following help articles. Your preferred browser or device will be the determining factor in which article you will need to consult:

Clear Cookies - Basic Instructions

Clear Cookies - Chrome Instructions

Clear Cookies - iPhone Instructions

If you are unsure of the email address associated with your current Wild Alaskan Company account, we are just a message away! Please reach out to our Member Experience Team, we would be more than happy to help!

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