We proudly offer flexible scheduling for our members, and we're here to help out if you ever need to postpone a delivery for any reason. 📦 🙌

If your membership has not renewed yet, you can either expedite or postpone your upcoming order through your Home Page. Once there, click on "Edit Order". Your Order Details will expand, and you'll see your Ship Week listed, with a blue "Edit" button that will allow you to choose any ship week up to 4 weeks out from the current date.

(Note that the date your account will be charged is listed here, as well.) Once you have selected your desired ship week from the drop-down menu, click Save, and your changes will be reflected both under Order Details and towards the top of your Home dashboard.

If you would like to update your shipment frequency for future orders, rather than adjusting just this one upcoming order, check out this article to learn how!

If your membership has already renewed and you aren't able to make these changes on your dashboard, please feel free to reach out to our Member Experience Team via chat or email - [email protected] - and we will do everything we can to ensure you receive your order at the most convenient time!

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