We love seeing our members' eco-conscious minds at work!

At Wild Alaskan Company, we wish to ensure that every aspect of our product aligns with our values as a sustainable purveyor of wild caught fish. We take very seriously the environmental impact of our packaging, and we hope this list of recyclable materials in a Wild Alaskan Box will help you better understand where each separate component goes before trash day.

Cardboard - The shipping box and insert we use is made from corrugated paper which is curbside recyclable.

Plastic - The foam insulation and the dry ice are both wrapped in plastic. The plastics are recyclable curbside or at a grocery store, depending on your location. And, we should also mention those vacuum-sealed packs that store your fish are BPA free as well! 🎉

Dry Ice - The dry ice will naturally sublimate over time. Check out this additional help article we wrote on how to handle our dry ice.

Insulation Foam - The foam itself is entirely compostable and can either be dissolved in your sink or composted in your garden — Check out Green Cell Foam's website to read more about it!

You can find more info on how we ship your fish by visiting our Packaging 📦 page.

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions about your box, and thanks again for your curiosity!

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