We can certainly create an order schedule that suits your needs as you are never locked into a rigid schedule. We offer super flexible scheduling options - you can skip renewal months from your own home page or by email or chat request with a member specialist. You can also slow down your order frequency from receiving monthly orders to every month, 1.5 months, or two months. In addition, we offer our members extended frequency options as well as the ability to push out orders for another time in the future. This way our members can enjoy the fish at their own pace and spread out their cash savings. 💸

Your active member participation helps us maintain our commitment and dedication to the sustainable supply of wild caught seafood practiced in the great state of Alaska. You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability in this blog post here. Your membership also affords you the ability to purchase discounted member specials, activate member-only promotions, and receive special discount-credits when they become available. 🤑

Of course, if you would prefer to stop receiving orders, then you can always deactivate your account from the account info section of your member page. Keep in mind that account credits and certain specials are only available on an active account. We also wrote a helpful article about deactivating your membership, give it a read!

To take advantage of our super flexible scheduling options, please reach out to a Member Experience Specialist on live chat or via email or visit our help center for more information. 😊

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