From updating your delivery schedule and shipping address to selecting add-ons and adjusting your box size, your Wild Alaskan member plan includes a lot of flexibility!

How to Update Your Monthly Box

You can change which type of box you are signed up for at any time between orders. Our three base box options are the Wild Combo Box, Wild White Fish Box, and the Wild Salmon Box. To find out more details about our current offerings, please follow this link to explore What's in the box?

On your Home Page, click on the Membership icon in the upper right-hand corner to access the drop-down menu, and click on "Plan". Once there, you can click the blue Edit button to adjust what's in your "Box".

When you Edit your Box, you can look through the currently available plans to get an idea of what comes in each plan! (Please note that our offerings can change based on supply availability, and what's shipping now could be different than what is shipping when your account renews.)

Additionally, if you are hoping for some guidance on changing your shipping frequency or plan size, you can find that here: How to update shipment frequency and plan size

If you are interested in another combination than what you see in our default options, please let us know from our contact page! While there are some limitations when it comes to customizations, just let us know what your ideal box would look like and we can provide some possible options with pricing that most closely align with your preferences. We love to keep things flexible!

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