We have made a FINtastic new change to our Wild Alaskan Cod supply, and we think they will be a swimming success at your next dinner party. 😋

Our new cod portions are cut from the same premium Pacific cod fillet as our cod loins and will be the same size: ~ 6oz per portion. By offering both loin cuts, center cuts, and tail cuts, we increase the amount of wild-caught cod available to our members and improve the utilization of the species, win-win!

You may be curious as to why we decided to make such a small and subtle change to our supply. Thankfully, we have all the answers you should need to help satisfy your curiosity: 😊

  1. Why is this change being made?

    • Our values are always at the core of our decisions. It is a more sustainable option for our members, our company, and most importantly, for the fish! 🐟

  2. What will I receive?

    • The same premium seafood, same weight, and the same awesome service!

    • The only difference is the style of cut.

  3. How do I prepare it?

If you have any further questions or need some help right now, you can always contact us directly from our member support page. 💙🐟

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