Your seafood is stored beautifully in your freezer, and you're ready to prep your next meal. Now what?

Thawing is super easy and only takes 2 steps:

Step 1: Remove the packaging. This helps ensure that your seafood retains its premium flavor and texture for you to enjoy, and it helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. *

💡Keep in Mind -- You can also puncture the packaging (without removing it entirely), as long as you allow airflow while it thaws.

Step 2: Place your portion(s) on a shallow dish in the fridge for approximately 10-12 hours before you're planning to cook. **

💡Keep in Mind -- Your seafood is surrounded by a layer of ice, which protects against moisture loss. Place your portion(s) on a paper towel or use a rack to allow this to drip away from your seafood as it thaws. An upside-down bowl on a plate also works!


So, you thawed your seafood in the fridge, but something came up. Once thawed, here's how long it lasts in your fridge:

We typically recommend that you cook and enjoy the seafood within 1-2 days of thawing, per USDA's refrigeration safety guidelines. You can view this here -- the chart we reference is at the bottom of the page.

If the seafood were placed in the fridge on Monday, it'd be thawed by Tuesday. So, we'd then recommend that the seafood is consumed 1-2 days later, on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Of course, we recommend that you use your best discretion with following these guidelines. Also, please make sure that the package has been punctured before thawing to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Ready for dinner, but forgot to thaw your seafood in the fridge? We have a solution!

Step 1: Remove the seafood from its packaging, or puncture the pack to introduce airflow.

Step 2: Submerge the seafood in a bowl of cold water on the counter for about 30-45 minutes.

💡Keep in Mind -- With this method, be sure to cook the seafood right after it has thawed. Don't allow it to come to room temperature on the counter.




* Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon and Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon can be thawed in its enclosed packaging without puncturing or removing the pack.
🐟 Once it's placed in fridge, open the package within 30 days.
🐟 Once the pack is opened, consume the seafood within 5 days.

** Weathervane Scallops packs can be split to eat some now and save the rest for later.
🐟 Puncture the pack and place the pack on a dish in the fridge.
🐟 Allow the scallops to partially thaw just enough to break them apart.
🐟 Continue thawing the scallops you wish to eat now, and store the rest in a freezer-safe bag in your freezer to enjoy later without a loss in quality.

Please note: Crab legs can be prepared straight from frozen if boiling in water. 🦀 If you decide to steam, grill or broil them, be sure to puncture the package or remove the legs you want to cook and thaw under refrigeration on a tray/plate.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We love to help. ☺️

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