You've probably heard this line before: Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness. We stand by it, and officially, we cannot recommend that you eat any of our fish raw.

Modern flash-freezing practices -- which we follow -- technically allow fish to be served as sushi because it kills parasites. We still don't recommend eating our fish raw, but if you're going to risk it, then you've found the right fish with which to do it. If you do choose to eat it raw, it's best to avoid leaving it out on your counter or at room temperature for too long before consumption.

Both white fish and salmon can be targeted by parasites, but salmon experience a physiological change when they move from freshwater to saltwater (and back again). This makes them even more susceptible to parasites found in freshwater.

If you are looking to try something new that is similar to sushi, we have some great ceviche recommendations! Where sushi is made with raw seafood, ceviche is a cooking technique done under refrigeration in an acidic marinade. Here is a link to some of our favorites→ 8 Ceviche Recipes That Will Change Your Seafood Game

Pictured: Spot Prawn ceviche* adorned with a dollop of Spot Prawn roe, cilantro, and lime.

*Pictured Spot Prawns are cooked.

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