You should place your fish in your freezer as soon as you take it out of the shipping box. Maintaining a consistent temperature when storing your seafood has an effect on how it tastes, so it’s best to keep it frozen until you’re ready to cook it.

Here are our top tips for storing your wild-caught seafood:

  • Protect the vacuum seal - ensure your portions aren't sliding around and rubbing against things in your freezer, as the friction can cause the seal to break. If a vacuum seal breaks, air and moisture can get in, which can increase the risk of freezer burn.

  • Preserve the temperature - store your wild-caught seafood toward the back of your freezer - this way the temperature will remain more consistent when opening and closing your freezer door

You can learn more about why we recommend these tips here: Ice Crystals vs. Freezer Burn: How to tell the difference?

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